Here at Bath Canine Academy, we offer a variety of different services, these include:


  • Group Classes

    • Puppy Classes

       are an excellent way to teach your dog the basic skills for life and socialization.
    • Advanced Classes

      These advanced classes offer the opportunity to build on the basic skills learnt previously and ensure your dog remains happy and stimulated.
    • Agility Classes 

      In class we will cover all of the skills needed to make agility a fun activity for you and your dog.
    • Training Walks

      Please contact me directly if you would like to know more about training walks. We offer this with individual dogs or multiple dogs from the same household.

For more details, go check out our group classes page here.

  • 1-2-1 Consultations

    Sometimes dogs behave in a specific way and this has a negative impact on those around them. They may be stressed, nervous or ill. They may have picked up bad habits or maybe they are not adjusting well to a new situation such as moving house. Whatever the issue, you and your dog may benefit from a 1 2 1 consultation.

For more details, go check out our 1-2-1 consultations page here.

  • First Aid

    We strongly believe that every pet owner should be equipped to help an injured animal in its moment of need. This is why running a full Canine First Responder course is the best way forward.

For more details, go check out our first aid page here.

  • Other Services

    We also offer a variety of other services including dog walking, pet feeding, house sitting, taxi service to the vets and puppy care.

For more details, go check out our other services page here.



Bessie is a dear little Patterdale/Lakeland terrier, a rescue dog from Wales. She is very good with people, including children, but is unpredictable with other dogs. I contacted Emily, at Bath Canine Academy, about 8 weeks ago and she arranged a couple of 1-2-1 sessions, so that she could assess the problems. Emily considered Bessie suitable to join the Friday morning class, held on Farmborough Recreation Ground and I am very pleased with the progress that Bessie (and I) have made. The classes are useful but also good fun. As well as obedience-training we do a bit of agility-work. Bessie has now made friends with the dogs in the class and we are working on tactics to distract her from the other dogs, who are running free at the far end of the Rec! Soon after I had adopted Bessie, I began to think that I had made a mistake. Bessie still has some issues, but now, I get up each morning and think how lucky I am!!

- Celia Porter - June 6, 2015

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